About the Founder

Arwa Alammari is a Saudi designer, entrepreneur and a public speaker. Arwa has a passion for arts all her life .Being a painter and sculptor Arwa looks at fashion through an artist eye and to her fashion is a form of expression, a universal language that is understood by everyone and the best way to bridge cultures.

Fashion is also the perfect area to merge her love towards arts and her entrepreneurial spirit. Arwa gets inspired by culture, music, theaters and different forms of art she is an avid traveler who loves to explore and blend to new experiences.

In 2016 the Arab Fashion Council (A non-for-profit organization including 22 Arab countries and aiming to promote the fashion industry in the region) announced Arwa as an Ambassador of the Arab Fashion Council to represent them.

In Jan 2020 Arwa was named by BBC to be one of the “most creative minds on the planet” who is “putting Saudi elegance on the fashion map”.

The journey into the fashion world has never been easy. Being born in a family of doctors. branching out into this world took a while, and only after completing undergrad studies in a different field in addition to 3 master’s degrees from the UK including an MBA that got her closer to the entrepreneurial world. Later on she joined ESMOD fashion school in addition to gaining a certificate in Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies Bocconi School of Management- Milan Italy.

In addition to being a designer Arwa is also a public speaker who talked in multiple regional and International events on topics focusing on fashion and innovation, women empowerment, diversity and inclusivity.